We believe in a holistic health approach, which is a paradigm that perceives you as a whole person with complex systems and body parts that interact and affect each other. You are a unique individual with a unique set of experiences. Even though you may have a common diagnosis or condition, you have a different body type, diet, and environment than others.

Therefore, you will get an individualized treatment plan which involves a lot of education and lifestyle tips. Treatment modalities include yoga therapy, acupuncture and myfascial release techniques for hands-on treatment. 

  • Image Injury rehabilitation

    Injury can be a result of a traumatic incident, repetitive strain or poor alignment over time. Rehab focuses on correcting alignment, correcting poor habits and restoring mobility and function so you can return to work, play and everyday activities .

  • Image Pelvic floor consultation

    The pelvic floor is responsible for stability, sexual function and urinary and fecal continence. It is a very important part of the core and dysfunction can lead to pain in the pelvis and other areas in the body. Rehab focuses on restoring the integrity of your pelvic floor in relation to your whole body. 

  • Image Yoga therapy

    Yoga is a modality used by many physiotherapists as it is a hands-on approach that focuses on the whole body. Yoga is appropriate for every body if you are doing the right yoga for you. Yoga can make you more flexible, stronger or more balanced if you work with a therapist who has assessed your body’s unique needs . 

Nancy Ma, Physiotherapist | Yoga Instructor

As a physiotherapist & yoga trainer, I help you feel better, breathe better, and move better so that you can fully engage in life's joyful activities. You can think of me as an investigator who is looking for the root cause or culprit of your problems. Once I get to know you and learn about your story, I help you put the pieces together and come up with a diagnosis based on your history and physical assessment. I will observe your alignment as you sit, stand, walk, breathe and move. A diagnosis is very important, but without knowing the why or how it came to be , we will have trouble fixing the problem. I will collaborate with you to alleviate pain, free up movement, and get you back to doing all the things you love.


I am also a yoga teacher, trained doula and proud mama of two. I believe yoga is not a sport or an activity - but it is a way of life and is a form of movement and self-expression. I am 100% dedicated to motivating my patients to move and empowering them with the tools to fully engage in all of life's joyful moments. 


The mantra I live by to live life to it's fullest is:

BREATHE fully.

MOVE freely.

PLAY like there's no tomorrow. 




During this consult you will:

  • Be given a diagnosis and explanation of it 
  • Informed of the prognosis 
  • Have a better understanding of the causes of the injury 
  • Receive a detailed exercise prescription and treatment plan
  • Receive lifestyle tips and modifications to prevent aggravation or further injury
  • Be able to ask any questions you need to assure you of a speedy recovery 





Treatment may include any of the following

  • Education on anatomy  
  • Review of exercises
  • Further education and lifestyle modifications/tips
  • Hands on manual therapy , massage , release techniques , yoga adjustments, acupuncture
  • Receive lifestyle tips and modifications to prevent aggravation or further injury
  • Be able to ask any questions you need to assure you of a speedy recovery