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Together we will derive personalized goals to suit your lifestyle through the provision of evidence based guidelines inspired with a natural nutrition approach!  Let’s find your fresh approach to engage in balanced nutritional interventions you can live with!


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Lorna DePetrillo, Nutrition Consultant

Yoga has been a foundation in my life for over 20 years. It guided me through a tough wave many years ago and I developed a strong daily self practice. As a mom of 4, there is nothing more valuable than having enough energy to be in the moment with my family as they grow. We love to travel and on my journey I always check out new yoga studios or re-visit my favourites. One of my best classes was taught in Italian, while visiting Tuscany. I had no idea what my teacher was instructing but I felt my way through the class in a different way than I had before. We were all on our mats to create space in our lives. How we get into our minds to soften the daily chatter is a little different for everyone but finding that space for growth I believe is yoga for everyone.

I love empowering others to be healthy and through my previous practice as a Dietitian, I motivate people to cultivate healthy eating practices within their lifestyle to improve vitality. Myself and my husband Tino have been intertwined with balanced living since we met and loved our opportunity to work together in Northwestern Ontario, where we lived for 7 years. We have always dreamed of establishing an approach to health which feels natural and is customized for the mind and the body. I feel so blessed to embark on this journey within this small Niagara community!


Nutrition services

  • Personalizing & creating smart food choices for specific nutrient requirements


  • Providing a supportive and evidence-based approach to achieving a healthy body weight 


  • Menu planning for families, including advice for; picky eaters, allergies, food intolerances and feeding your baby or toddler 


  • Helping to regulate medical conditions:  high blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, high cholesterol, heart disease, pre-diabetes, diabetes, cancer, food intolerances &  allergies


  • Women's health: dietary guidance to balance food intake & challenges associated with hormone imbalances, pregnancy, post-partum  and menopause
  • Image Family Nutrition

    In our busy lives making the time to create balanced meals can be quite challenging.  Our Nutritionist can help you to manage picky eaters, accommodate for food intolerances, and meet the high demands for your children. We educate your family to utilize the skills and tools used for healthy meal planning. Engaging in nutritional values as your family goal is an investment in your families health today and well into their future. 

  • Image Weight Management & Increased Vitality

    A detailed personal approach to help you achieve vitality everyday! Together with our Nutritionist, you will develop effective and safe strategies for balancing fluctuations in your weight. Create achievable personal goals to optimize your metabolism while building a healthy relationship with food. In our supportive environment we focus on embracing change to encourage optimal metabolic activity over a long period.



  • Image Managing Chronic Disease

    Evidence based consultations are designed to reduce the burden and impact of chronic disease. Our Nutritionist keeps updated to the new advances in nutrition to build on her knowledge between diet and health imbalances such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholestrol, hypertension and osteoporosis, Our team values your health and will help you to achieve a regimen that works for you and your health goals.