STOP DIETING! Intuitive strategies are effective approaches for achieving your goals! Canada's new Obesity Guidelines support INTUITIVE EATING COACHING which are indicative for success to behaviour changes to feel amazing & healthy.

 Build a healthy relationship with food & navigate your way to an ideal body weight that promotes disease prevention.  Overcome your aliments in the phsyical body with coaching to adopt consistent healthy behaviours. Research indicates long term success happens with the guidance of a Professional Coach! Solidify your intutive eating strategies with private YOGA sessions and meditate on your new feels of fullfillment.  


Check with your insurance provider to see if Registered Dietitian services are covered under your benefits. 






Why do you need a PROFESSIONAL NUTRITION COACH?! You hear the cliche terms "be mindful" & "eat consciously" but did you realize this is a learned skill? Together with our Registered Dietitian & Intuitive Nutrition Coach Lorna, you will grow into your self-awareness in a way that fits for you & carefully cultivate new habits. Lorna will provide you with the ongoing support through healthie app which allows you to keep track of your journey and create the change you desire. Intuitive Eating & Mindfulness coaching creates understanding for the steps required for transformation & Lorna will work closely with you to customize your regimen for behvaioural change that feels good. 


Lorna was born & raised on the East Coast in St. John's NL & completed her BSc in Nutrition at Acadia University. She obtained her Dietetic Internshippractice has been dedicated to Continuing Evidence Based Education as a member of Dietitian's of Canada & more recently in Holistic Nutrition, with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Lorna is loving her current program to become a Certifed Intuitive Eating Counsellor. Coaching with Lorna is unique as it encompasses her scientific approach & motivating intuitive holistic guidance to instill realistic goals. She believes tuning inwards is truly the path to obtain your optimal health habits. Her sound professional expertise & practical ideas will allow you to use your own insight to make sound nutritous food choices, improve energy & enhance sleep quality anywhere you go!




Lorna DePetrillo RD,                                              Intuitive Eating & Mindfulness Coach                      Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Nutrition & Yoga have been a foundation in my life for over 20 years. I discovered the power of rituals involving fresh ingredients, breath & mindful movement as it guided me through a tough wave many years ago.  I created a strong daily self practice & started living intuitively which I can take with me anywhere! As a mom of 4, I can approach my life with ease, healthy perspective & gratitude when I practice consistently on my mat, with a carefully cultivated, primarily plant based menu. There is nothing more valuable than having energy to be "in the moment". I crave unique travel journeys off the beaten path & always find myself exploring on my mat. My passion is getting messy & creative in the kitchen! Ultimately I love connecting & empowering people on their health journey.  

  • Image Cultivate Nutrition For Your Family


    Creating balanced meals can be quite challenging within our busy lives. Lorna is a mom of 4 active kids and totally gets it! Have you tried having a nutrition coach to help guide your family? Our Dietitian can help you to manage picky eaters, accommodate for food intolerances, meet the high demands for your children, while working mom & dads dietary changes into  the new lifestyle. Together we will increase your knowledge base to educate your family how to utilize your skills & tools used for healthy meal planning. Engaging in your families nutritional needs is an investment in your health today and well into their future. Let's create your lifestyle health balance!

  • Image Build a Healthy Relationship with Food

    Stop Dietiting! Nothing new but really it does not work. The research is moving us towards an intuitive approach to when, why & what you eat. We are constructed differently so that's the approach Lorna takes to customize your carefully crafted eating regimen and steps to cultivate that into your new lifestyle!  A detailed personal template will be created with you to reflect upon with ongoing support through plateaus. With your nutrition coach you will intuitively learn to handle the road blocks, without mindlessly turning to food. Our Dietitian will coach you to achieve confidence in your ability to navigate the grocery story & your pantry. With coaching you will develop effective & safe habits for balancing your energy & weight. Your  new mindful practices create achievable personal goals, optimize your metabolism, and build a healthy relationship with food forever!!



  • Image Reverse Your Risk for Chronic Disease


    Nutrition consultations are thorough & designed to reduce the burden for solving your health challenges. Together you will work with your Dietitian to reverse the risk & impact of chronic disease. Lorna takes great care to remain updated to the new advances in nutrition to bring you the highest degree of care & close the gap between diet & your health imbalances including; diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, osteoporosis & food senstivities. Lorna is dedicated to getting your health on track! She will provide the support you require to build a regimen together further which will guide you towards your health goals. 


  • Intuitive Nutrition Coaching: learn the skill of mindfull eating & gain body awareness through the integration of Science & Holistic Evidence based Nutrition that you can bring wherever you are! That is the key.


  • Navigate your way:  overcome your road blocks & increase your knowledge base to make educated decisions about your food choices. 


  •  Goal Setting and Progress Evaluation: achieve a healthy body weight, optimal digestion, metabolism, hormone balance in a supportive environment to your needs. 


  • Customized Menu Plan: Development & guidance to constuct your personalized, adapatable menu to provide maximal nutrition intake for specific menu plans, (Gluten Free, Intermittment Fasting, Plant Based, Pescatarian, Food Allerigies/senstivies etc).



                        Embark on your Health Journey                                             With Your Intuitive Nutrition COACH


Expand your knowledge & encorporate the tools instilled with consistent coaching sessions to feel amzing!!! This is the way your body is designed to feel.

Lorna is dedicated to ongoing professional education to provide you with the best approach to the latest trends & research discoveries!

Ask about bringing your nutrition goals together with private yoga! It's the mind body balance that intuitively brings your success!