Yoga for Everyone & the ONLY Hot Pilates in Niagara & Hamilton.

We are proud to offer diverse yoga & pilates classes for all ages and fitness abilities. We believe that in cultivating your mind body connection, you will feel inspired to live healthier and find more joy in your life. Movement is medicine so let's find the class that works for you!

 New to yoga? Try our Gentle Hatha class. Want a fun and challenging workout with fast results? Check out an Inferno Hot Pilates class! Looking to learn more or refine your postures? Consider a private session - you can book with a friend too!

Integrated Health Services

The journey to achieving vitality in one's life is unique to each individual. At The Yoga Vine we can help you to identify with all areas of your health and make choices which promote physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Our highly quailified team will work together with you to customize your self-care plan based on an integrated whole body approach that will help you gain greater insights into your personal map of health. 

Upcoming events & workshops

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